Micro-Blog SkyNet

28 Nov

Micro-Blog: Sharing and Querying Content Through Mobile Phones and Social Participation

Abstract: When plugged into the

Internet, the collaborative inputs from phones may enable a

high resolution view of the world.

Wow this is a really cool idea.  With the advancements in mobile technology and decreasing cost of owning a smartphone an idea like this is more possible than ever.  It would be very cool to use a map and see what was going on all over the country. It reminds me a little of my app this summer Happytrack. The only difference is that Micro-blog is also incorporating sensors in the device. Example (accelerometer maybe a thermostat etc.) I think this is very smart but at the same time could be very scary. What if  certain apps secretly transmitted this information back random times. After designing apps this is very possible! This only thing that pops into my mind is SKYNET! Ahh.

Some of the challenges it Micro-blog would have to overcome would be short battery life with sensors on (gps etc) I feel with the advancements in mobile technology it wont be long until we can overcome the physical challenges of the devices. I think a tool like micr-blog could be very cool but would also scare me at the same time. The amount of data one company would have would be tremendous.


2 Responses to “Micro-Blog SkyNet”

  1. jbenow December 5, 2011 at 12:05 am #

    It would be cool to see how the rate of happiness goes up against the temperature. If it’s super hot, how happy are people?

  2. mwine December 13, 2011 at 2:03 am #

    I agree this really does apply to happy track. Maybe you guys should try connecting with some of the authors about it 🙂

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